The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center and the French Institute of the United Arab Emirates host Poetry Night 2021


HE Dr. Ali bin Tamim, President of LAC, said: “Such a cultural and artistic event plays an important role in bringing together innovators and creative minds from various disciplines and countries under one roof, in a melting pot. unique and diverse artistic, promoting cultural synergy and opening up new perspectives of direct communication with inspiring exhibitions that blend poetry with other modern art forms.

“The Night of Poetry is one of the many aspects of the cultural collaboration that marks the recent partnership agreement between the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center and the Paris-based Institut du Monde Arabe, which aims to celebrate the Arabic language and demonstrate its aesthetics and agile properties, ”added HE Bin Tamim. “The agenda for the future includes many landmark events within the framework of this constructive partnership, all of which aim to advance the Arabic language on the world stage as a language of culture, science and creativity, and to promote its use in all areas. “

Manuel Rabaté, Director of LAD, said: “We are proud to host this evening of poetry, language and art among our esteemed peers at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Telling the stories of our world in Arabic and through poetry, testifies to the rich heritage of this art form, the poetic prowess of the language and its continued celebration through the partnership of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center and of the Arab World Institute. Tonight we celebrate the beauty of the Arabic language across many cultures and through the talents of many artistic disciplines in a museum whose mission is to tell stories of cultural connections. “

Professor Silvia Serrano, Vice-Chancellor of SUAD, commented: “The Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is pleased to participate in this year’s edition of“ The Night of Poetry ”which is dedicated to travel and intercultural exchange. This theme echoes the university motto “A bridge between civilizations”. It is an important event especially for our students, who wrote poems in three languages ​​(French, English and Arabic) under the direction of the French studies department. These poems reflect their personal experiences, their imaginations and their desire to share across borders and ages.

Poetry Night 2021 will feature a mix of poetry, rap, music and visual arts performances, providing audiences with an immersive travel-themed experience, on a journey around the world celebrating the history of cultural ties.

With artists Amal Alsahlawi, Sherine Tohamy, Rohan Houssein, Kaspar Ravel, and students from the French Studies Department of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Aysha Alblooshi, Alyazia Alharmodi, Malick Traoré, Aziz Diop, Mariam Alhosani, Aisha Alaleeli and Shahd Talaat .

Security measures:

  • Social distancing of 2 meters is maintained.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Participants must present a green Alhosn pass.

The artists:

Rohan Houchin

Inspired by his travels, oriental poets and hip hop, Rohan Houssein expresses himself through a “geopoetic” rap, open to the world. Exile, memories of a peaceful native Syria, the artist’s place in the world are some of the themes addressed in his work. In 2018, he published his first collection Divine love, as well as the albums universal love and Esthete. Rohan Housein also painter and audiovisual director: his video clips “The World is Yours” allow you to travel around the world with poetry.

Amal Alsahlawi

Amal Alsahlawi is a poet born and raised in Sharjah, where she studied Arabic literature at the University of Sharjah. His first collection of poetry published in 2020 was warmly received by readers. His poem “The wonders of time “was successfully presented at the MET – New York as part of the MET living arts initiative of Faraj Abyad in July 2021. She has participated in many events, including a poem reading in Hekayah for NYU Abu Dhabi, and others at the University of the United Arab Emirates in the city of AlAin. In her poetry, Amal Alsahlawi addresses feminism, philosophy and existentialism using freestyle and classical poetry. She wants to respond to the anxieties of modern life.

Kaspar Ravel

New media artist and off / online curator, coming from the artistic subcultures of the internet, Kaspar Ravel studied computer science and theater at Sorbonne University to explore the surrealist and poetic politics of data. An inventive computer hacker, he navigates current standards through technological innovations in order to be able to dissect, understand and alter them and reuse them as spaces for experimental practice and integrate alternative ideologies. By working on the analogies between physical and digital bodies, he establishes popular languages ​​with the aim of demystifying technology and discovering the coexisting virtual realities of the world we live in.

Sherine Al Tohamy

Sherine Tohamy is one of the first graduates of Bait Al Oud in Egypt with a very good mention. She has been teaching at this institution since 2002, first in Cairo and then at Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi, since 2009. She was assistant professor of Oud at New York University Abu Dhabi. Sherine Al Tohamy has also released three albums and given numerous concerts around the world, as a soloist or with international groups. Since 2011, she has been leading the United Arab Emirates’ first female music group, NAJMAAT.

SUAD students:

Aysha Alblooshi, Alyazia Alharmodi, Malick Traoré, Aziz Diop, Mariam Alhosani, Aisha Alaleeli and Shahd Talaat.


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