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DUBAI: Twitter’s virtual #TwitterGamePlan unveiled information and features for brands and agencies on why, when and how to use the global platform.

Some of the information shared at the event this month included growth numbers for the platform, including a 38% year-over-year increase in tweet engagement and a 34% increase. Year-over-year% of video viewing time. Over the past two years, the platform has tripled its growth in monetizable daily active users.

A recent Twitter survey also found that the public is very receptive to brands on the platform and that a 10% increase in conversations can increase the brand’s sales revenue by up to 3%. Additionally, 91% of those surveyed said they are looking for new brand launches on the platform.

“They (the users) are not on Twitter to passively scroll through photos,” said Nour Osman, agency development manager, Twitter MENA. “They are quite open, engaged and ready to find out what is going on. “

As a result, Twitter users are also driving results, with brands being twice as likely to achieve their KPIs if their launch campaign is on Twitter. Launching on Twitter also results in an 83% average increase in ad recall, an 18% increase in brand awareness, and a 15% increase in post association.

The platform also advocated for reaching affluent audiences through key demographics, with data showing that Twitter users are 35% more likely than non-users to be affluent consumers, and more than half (52%) of all tweets last year were from Gen Z audiences, Osman said.


* Engagement on Tweets increased 38% year over year.

* Video viewing time increased 34% year over year.

* The number of monetizable daily active users has tripled in the past two years.

* 91% of Twitter users are looking for new brand launches on the platform.

* Twitter launch results in an 83% average increase in ad recall, 18% brand awareness, and 15% increase in message association.

Regarding the content approach, Twitter has advised brands to use multiple formats, with a Nielsen Brand Effect study showing that using more than three ad formats increases the likelihood of campaign success.

Fahdah Al-Arifi, CEO of digital marketing agency Nawafth, gave the example of a recent campaign focused on raising awareness and stimulating investment.

Knowing that 70% of Saudis use Twitter, the agency used the platform’s video card featuring a call to action, which led the audience to the client’s website. “Through the campaign, we attracted 7,000 new investor registrations, resulting in 32 new purchase orders totaling RS 52 million ($ 14 million) for SMEs,” she said.

Maksim Kaljakin, Customer Success Partner, Twitter EMEA, outlined the key points below for success on the platform.

Remember, joining the conversation isn’t just about diving into a new topic because everyone else is. Do your research and join it naturally once you and your brand are comfortable with the topic.

Set your campaign goals in advance, as this will guide you when selecting ad formats and creating content.

Be sure to test every aspect of the campaign to find a sweet spot before running it, and optimize campaigns using the ABCs of the performance campaign: audience, bids, and creatives.

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