Egypt offers Arabic books and scholarships to Hanoi University

Egyptian Ambassador Youssef Kamal Boutros presents the books at the University of Hanoi – press photo

CAIRO – June 17, 2017: The General Egyptian Book Organization has awarded a collection of specialized works on Arabic language, science and literature, as well as dictionaries, poetry, novels, tales and books of criticism, in the Arabic language department of the University of Hanoi.

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Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam Youssef Kamal Boutros presented the books to the university on June 14 at a ceremony hosted by Hanoi University. “The donation of books is part of Egypt’s continued support for the development of Arabic language education in Vietnam, which Egypt initiated when it established the Arabic language department at the University of Hanoi in 1996, ”said Boutros.

Boutros expressed Egypt’s desire throughout this period to send an envoy from Al-Azhar University to teach the Arabic language to Vietnamese students. Boutros revealed that the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education offers 12 annual scholarships for Vietnamese students to study Arabic language at Cairo University as a contribution to the preparation of Arabic teaching staff at Vietnamese universities.

“In December 2016, the Embassy of Egypt celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Arabic language department at the National University of Hanoi through various cultural activities, including the creation of an exhibition of Arabic calligraphy,” said added Boutros.

The President of Hanoi University praised Egypt’s leading role in supporting and teaching the Arabic language in his country, and expressed his sincere appreciation for the valuable books that will be references for them. academics and professors.

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