10,000 Arabic books have been digitized into ebooks


The Arabic Collections Online project has just been formed and makes 10,000 ebooks in Arabic available free of charge on 6,000 subjects. It was created with support from NYU Abu Dhabi and with large grants from Arcadia, a charitable fund from Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This mass digitization project aims to present up to 23,000 volumes from the collections of NYU libraries and partner institutions. These institutions provide books published in all fields (literature, business, science, etc.) from their collections in the Arabic language.

The mission statement behind the ACO aims to digitize, preserve and provide open and free access to a wide variety of Arabic language eBooks in areas such as literature, philosophy, law, religion, etc. Important Arabic language content is not widely available on the web and ACO aims to ensure global access to a rich collection of Arabic libraries. Many older Arabic books are out of print, in fragile condition and are otherwise rare materials that are in danger of being lost. ACO will ensure that this content is digitally saved for future generations.

Ebooks can be read online through any major internet browser and also available as high resolution PDF files. This makes each book available to be read on any e-reader and can be downloaded from your PC directly to your device.


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