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A 4.4-meter bronze statue of Karl Marx unpacked in the city of Trier, Marx’s birthplace

As the world marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of communism, Karl Marx (May 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883) this month, here are 10 books you can easily find in Arabic in both print and digital formats.

The books range from introductions to his life and works to sophisticated studies of historical materialism and Marx’s critique of politics, and his relationship to the German philosopher Hegel.

The list includes three of Karl Marx’s own books and seven others written by philosophers and critics of his works, exploring the rich and controversial legacy that Marx left behind and which continues to resonate in the political debate of the street in the academia.

Books by Marx

1. Ra’s Al-Mal (Capital), Vol 1 & 2, by Karl Marx, Trans. Rashed El-Barawy (Nahdet Misr Publishing House: Cairo), 1947, 710 pages.


2. Al-Baya Al-Shayou’I (The Communist Manifesto), by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, Trans. Al-Afif Lakhdar (Dar Al-Gamal: Beirut), 2015, 357 p.


3. Bo’s Al-Falsafa (The Poverty of Philosophy), by Karl Marx, transl. Mohamed Mustgir (Dar Al-Tanweer: Beirut), fourth edition, 2013, 319 p.


Books on Marx

4. Karl Marx (Karl Marx, The Evolution of His Thought), by Roger Garaudy, trad. George Tarabichi (Dar Al-Adab: Beirut), 1970, 296 pages.


5. Karl Marx Serat Haya (Biography of Karl Marx), by E. Stepanova, Trans. Iskandar Yassin (Dar Al-Takaddom: Moscow), 1979, 450 pages.


6. Marx Wa Nakdouh lel Seyasa (Marx and the critique of politics), multiple authors, trans. Joseph Abdullah (Dar Al-Tanweer: Beirut), 2006, 128 pages.


7. Ma Ba’d Marx (Beyond Marx), by Falih Abdel-Jabbar (Dar Al-Farabi: Beirut), 2010, 352 p.


8. Min Hegel Ela Marx (From Hegel to Marx: problems of dialectics), by Salama Keila (Dar Al-Tanweer: Beirut), 2010, 312 p.


9. Karl Marx wal Islam (Karl Marx and Islam), by Kamel Mohamed Ewida (Dar Al-Kotob El-Elmia: Cairo), 1993, 168 p.


10. Atyaf Marx (The specters of Marx) by Jacques Derrida, trad. Monzer Ayashi (Markaz Al-Enmaa El-Hadary: Aleppo), 2006, 325 p.


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